Water inspired  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How long is the snorkel excursion?

2 hours

Do I have to swim? 
No, you don't have to get in the water at all, its still a very educational experience.  If you do join the marine biologist in the water you can also get in the water and out at anytime.  We have life jackets you can use as well. 

Is there an age limit? 
We do not allow infants on board, please hire a sitter. 

Children are allowed but they must wear a life jacket at all times and they must be at least 4ft tall to enter the water. 

Is there a weight limit? 
There is a 250lb weight limit per person to get into the water, however, we can make an exception if you are healthy as we understand that some people are taller and more muscular or naturally heavier build, however, you must be in good physical condition if you want to enter the water with the biologist. 

Do you offer SCUBA diving? 
No, sorry, not anymore, snorkeling is all you need in the beautiful clear Hawaiian blue water 

How many people are on each excursion?  There is a max of 6 guests on Koa Kai vessel and a max of 12 guests on our newest boat "Mano kai" a maximum of 8 people are allowed in the water with the marine biologist/divemaster. 

Do you guarantee you will see dolphins, turtles, whales, sharks, fish, etc?  No, sorry, its the ocean but we do get to see beautiful reefs and since we grew up here on the north shore we know the best spots to see marine life. 

Can I help the marine biologist with research? 
Yes! We love to teach and also get your help with fish ID's and coral reef surveys. Bring your camera and help us out by submitting your photos after your snorkel to: WaterInspired@yahoo.com 

Can I bring my own camera? 
Yes, please bring your own camera or you can sign up to have use professionally photograph you, this is a great option for couples. 

What is the price of the professional photography? $250/ for up to three people and it comes with free GoPro footage and a guarantee of 100 images unless you are not in the water the whole time then we can only photograph as much as possible during the amount of time you are in the water. 

Do I need to bring my own gear? Wetsuit? Mask? Snorkel? Fins? 
No, we provide mask, snorkel, fins, and we have rashguards for sun protection and protection from jellyfish

Do I have to know how to swim? 
Only if you want to go in the water. If you only want to learn from on top of the boat you dont have to know how to swim but we encourage you to learn before coming out since its more fun in the water.  We also highly recommend that you learn how to use a snorkel before coming out. 

What if I can swim but I am not a very strong swimmer? 
You can stay on the boat, or ask the divemaster about the current and conditions and then decide to go in and hold onto the ropes that are on the side of the boat to help you stay close to the boat and you should wear a life jacket. 

Can I jump in the water with Dolphins and whales? 
No, The MMPA forbids us from putting people in the water with whales and dolphins. However, sometimes when we are snorkeling they do swim up to us. 

Can I touch the sea turtles? 
No, they are a federally protected endangered species, you must give them at least 9ft space and let them swim without interrupting their course. 

What do I need to bring? 
Towel, water bottle, reef safe sunscreen, sunglasses, and a camera if you want or you can sign up for our photo or video services. 

Where do I meet?  
The boat loads at Haleiwa Harbor on the same saide as the restaurant "Haleiwa Joes" near the fish scale which looks like a white scaffolding.  

****COVID update*****Currently a maximum of 10 people are allowed on a boat at a time. Please wear a mask at the dock and in the harbor. Please use the hand sanitizer before boarding or signing the waiver or touching anything. Cleaning products are readily available and the boat and all gear is sanitized before anyone boards the vessel. Please socially distance while on board the vessel, there is a lot of space to space out.  Please do NOT show up for the charter if you feel unwell please text our office line at +1-808-722-0969 to cancel or reschedule. Thank you for your kokua and care for the community. 

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