All snorkels cover marine ecology, fish species, coral reef studies, and Hawaiian culture. Conservation is always covered. Photography is optional. 

 We go to a great number of dive sites and offer various year-round day tour. In the summer we focus on near shore snorkeling along reefs and the winter we go into deeper waters to look for whales and dolphins.

 Snorkeling the Norths shore of oahu


We've been around since 2005 ... going strong

Water inspired  


About our company

Aloha, welcome, and thank you for checking out Water Inspired.  We hope you will join us in supporting marine conservation efforts.  Water Inspired was established in 2005 to share the less often shown beauty, and promote education about the importance of marine life for the sole purpose of supporting and growing conservation efforts.

snorkeling trips

Our marine biologists will take you on a beautiful, exciting tour at a variety of locations around North shore's gorgeous coasts. Come explore the living coral reefs, natural caves, and the marine life that is thriving off the waters of Oahu

come learn about Oahu's marine life

We a boat that departs daily. The boat leaves at 7am or 9am. We take you to 3 spots to snorkel with no crowds during our 2hr tour. Our experienced staff of marine biologists will give you an educational briefing to help raise awareness for ocean conservation and teach people about the importance of marine life before getting in the water with them.  Our goal is to promote conservation with respectful and education experiences with marine life.

Save the reef

Water Inspired leads reef clean-ups where people can join us on the boat to go to selected areas of the reefs were we remove fishing off of coral reefs. We also are partners with raw elements and provide reef-safe sunscreen on the boats free of charge for everyone.