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Ocean Ramsey Save The Whale Sharks, Swim With Whale Sharks, Whale Shark Research & Conservation, One Ocean Research

White Shark Biopsy and Tagging program supporting white shark research in Mexcio. 

-Project Pelagios Kakunja

Reef clean up. Freedive-snorkel-or Scuba. April 4th 2015 noon-4pm Hawaii Kai-Portlock Point-China Walls

-1st dive of series

-Collaborative Project

Bull shark tagging and studies                         Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Anti-Finning Campaign New Zealand

Please help save sharks! Great White Sharks are Endangered                        -Global

Stop the Cull Trip & Campaign Australia

Comparative MPA's  with TBA21 Academy              Cabo, Mexico

TBA21 Academy -Pelagic  Research and Conservation Project

Cocos Island, Costa Rica

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Why Sharks

Sharks function as the white blood cells of the ocean ecosystem. They pick off the dead, dying, and weak leaving only the healthiest to reproduce. Without sharks our ocean ecosystem would collapse; the health and productivity of the fish that humans and other mammals eat would degrade to the point that our human health could also be jeopardized  

Water Inspireds Mission statement:
​Water Inspired utilizes photography, videography, diving, research, and public presentations to help inspire, and further public education about the importance of sharks and promote awareness of their plight in an effort to gain support to protect and conserve sharks and marine life .

Our Mission

Aloha & Welcome

Aloha, welcome, and thank you for checking out Water Inspired Conservation Group.  We hope you will join us in supporting shark and marine conservation efforts.  Water Inspired was established in 2005 to share the less often shown beauty, and promote education about the importance of sharks for the sole purpose of supporting and growing conservation efforts for these vital yet highly misunderstood animals.